My Skills

With my expertise in MS Excel and MS Access, I have extensive data collection and data analysis skills to offer.  I also provide customized spreadsheets and charts with Excel or Power BI or personalised database solutions.

Microsoft Excel Skills:

  • Specialization in using ‘Get and Transform Data’ function for data import.
  • Utilization of Power Query Editor for transforming data with ability to create custom columns.
  • Knowledge of tables, charts (pivot and regular), formulas, macros, and Excel VBA.
  • Use of Power Pivot for joining dissimilar tables.
  • Highly skilled in the use of Pivot Tables and Charts.
Microsoft Access Skills:
  • Over 20 years experience working with numerous versions of Access.
  • Specialization in database creation.
  • Table, form, and report creation for data entry and review.
  • Query creation for filtering data.
  • Macro creation for automation.
  • Exportation of data for visualization inside MS Excel or Power BI.
  • Utilization of Access VBA for advanced record manipulation and form creation.
  • Ability to reverse engineer existing databases for repair, modification, or optimization.
  • Capable of using Access as a front end for a MS SQL database structure.
Data Analytics:
  • Over eight years in working as a data collections and data analysis professional.
  • Highly motivated in developing systems to import, blend, clean, and categorize data from multiple sources.  These systems will incorporate the use of MS Access, MS Excel, or a combination of both.
  • The ability to prepare data in a visualized manner to create insights that drive decision making.
Up and Coming.  With the ever advancing state of technology and data analysis, I am always striving to increase my skillsets.  I am currently learning or increasing my knowledge in the following software:
  • MS SQL and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.
  • MS Power BI.
  • Python and PyCharm.
  • MS Power Automate.
  • MS PowerShell.