About Me

Hello! I’m Rick, and I’ve been immersed in the world of data for the past eight years, working in a production environment. My forte? Taming data using Microsoft Access, Excel, and Power BI. My job is all about cleaning, organizing, and presenting data effectively, often through pivot charts and reports that make sense to decision-makers.

When it comes to Excel, I’m your guy. I’m well-versed in using tools like Power Query Editor and Power Pivot to pull data from various sources and make it work together seamlessly. I also handle pivot tables, formulas, charts, and I’m not afraid to dive into VBA when needed.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to exploring your data, I can easily switch gears to MS Power BI instead of Excel.

But where I truly excel is in Microsoft Access. With over two decades of experience, I’ve become a seasoned pro at designing diverse databases. In addition to creating tables from scratch, I can also import them from different sources like Excel, SQL databases, external websites, cloud based storage, and more. Beyond that, I’m skilled in creating queries, user-friendly forms, automated macros, and polished reports. I’m an expert in VBA for Access for tacklomg more complex tasks. If you can envision it, I can make it happen.

Got a database that needs some TLC? I can help you fix it up or give it a makeover. Interested in diving into SQL or transitioning to a cloud-based database? I’m your go-to guy for data migration and using MS Access as a user-friendly front-end for a robust back-end.

I’m always committed to learning and growing in this field. I stay up-to-date with the latest features in MS Access and Excel, and I’m constantly expanding my expertise in Python, SQL, and Power BI. The world of data analytics and database administration is ever-evolving, and I’m dedicated to staying on top of it.

If you’ve got a data-related project in mind, don’t hesitate to click that “Contact” button and let’s discuss your needs and expectations. I’m here to transform your data into actionable insights.