Downtime Tracking Database

I’m quite proud of this database. I created it for a production company that needed a way to align data from two different softwares.

This company used one software to record production downtime codes and times.  To complicate things, they used a different software for Maintenance and Tooling work orders.  There goal was to collate the two data sources in order to match up work orders with production downtime on any given day.

In order to help this company achieve their goals I developed this database.  It imports data from both sources and automatically searches for matches.  There is also a function that allows them to manually match anything that was missed in the automatic search.

This table utilizes:

  • 7 tables.
  • 8 external tables.
  • Dozens of queries including append, delete, make table, update table, and view queries.
  • Over a dozen forms including a main dashboard. And I utilized several forms with two sub-forms each.
  • 4 reports.
  • 2 macros.
  • 14 VBA functions.
  • An function to email reports in PDF format to supervisors and management about missing Work Orders.
  • A function to send production control a list of incorrect downtime codes based in written work orders.