This database is a monster.  Originally the customer, a production company, wanted a database to import data from it’s production software and figure out run dates on each one of it’s tools.  Although the customer was very happy with the project, they decided they wanted additional features including:

  • The ability to track sample runs.
  • Add production cycle counts, scrapped pieces, scrap percentages, and scrap costs to the run dates.
  • A feature to calculate cycles on tool and scrap percentages at the end of each run.
  • An advanced table to feed a scrap by reason spreadsheet.
  • Many more features.
The database now contains:

  •  11 external tables for importing data.
  • Over 20 internal tables created my Make Table Queries and VBA Code.
  • Dozens of queries, including Append Queries, Make Table Queries, Delete Queries, Update Queries, and Select Queries.
  • A Dashboard form, several lookup forms, and forms to feed reports.
  • 3 reports.
  • 6 Macros.
  • 13 VBA Modules.
  • Several VBA Functions to feed queries.

The database is normally run by an administrator on a daily basic and it’s main purpose is for feeding data to numerous Excel Spreadsheets for management presentation.